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    Cayman Residences

    Project Details

    The pinnacle of sophistication, this magnificent 19-unit development will delight even the most discerning lifestyle connoisseur with its stately opulence spread out over an expansive space. Consisting of 13 intermediate terraces, 4 corner terraces and 2 semi-detached houses, enter an unparalleled estate designed for those seeking the extraordinary.

    In the midst of idyllic nature, golden shores and cosmopolitan vibes, the refined elegance of Cayman Residences welcomes you home. Feel the unmatched grandeur the moment you arrive at the grand entrance foyer and leave your loafers and stilettos in your walk-in shoe closet.

    For those seeking the exceptional,the charming 4-storey terraces encapsulate the idea of living largerthan-life. Experience the pleasures of an extravagant home with 5 bedrooms,a spacious car porch, an elevated outdoor terrace and vast living spaces.It is real indulgence as life intended.

    Conceived as a grand architectural vision with an emphasis on privacy,each 4-storey residence embodies the highest level of prestige with its sheer scale and modern layout. An elevated garden terrace, a private pool, spacious car porch and 5 palatial bedrooms create a stunning cocoon for the family.

    Your villa-inspired residence provides all the lavishes you would expect of a paradise by the coast. Nothing says privilege like having your private lift traverse through your home. At Cayman Residences, every day is a distinguished experience that brings new discovery of what life can be.

    Allow yourself the luxury of being pampered in a home where restful comfort is the order of the day. Open plan living areas and airy spaces envelop you in an ambience of refinement fit for royalty, while surrounding lush greenery provides ample privacy.

    Beauty and function become one with the immaculate detailing that characterises every touch, sight and sound in the residences. Custom cabinetry, alongwith state-of-the-art fittings and finishes make the space aesthetically lawless and intuitively efficient

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